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Baloka is a growth marketing agency specialized in lead generation, content marketing, and growth tactic and strategies. We work especially with startups, SaaS and small and medium companies. In addition to do consulting and coaching for our  clients, we develop in-depth training courses and marketing automation tools.

– Our Mission –

We are on a mission to develop, test and implement the best growth hacks to help startups and small business to grow at a faster rate. The goal is to help our customers achieve at least double figures growth in the next six months.


We develop and test new ideas to see what works and what doesn’t.

We test marketing automation tools to make sure we can make the right recommendations.



Do you have a sustainable competitive advantage?
Even if you have reached operational effectiveness, your survival requires a sound strategy.

We are strategists first and growth marketers second.

Process and Systems

To achieve GROWTH you need to have a process to define the hypothesis, goals, and KPIs of your growth experiments, and systems in place to deliver the perfect execution.

We deliver results based on proven processes and systems.


We believe we need to work together with your team to achieve the desired results,

Growth marketing is a team sport. Our Ethos is based on continuous learning, collaboration, and transparency.

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