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Engagement Package


This is a coaching program. I will guide you to do the work, and then I will review with you the results and provide feedback to improve the process.

The Engagement Package is important to present you and your company as real experts in your market. This package can and will help gaining trust from your potential customers.

Furthermore, when people react to your content, you will learn what they appreciate; maybe you will discover what problems and pains they have that you can solve for them, and they will help to find new prospects and leads. When people comment or like an article that you post/curate on LinkedIn, their network will be able to see it. You will also be able to see their profiles and have an excuse to interact with them.

Participating in other platforms, such as Medium and Quora will allow you to expand your reach beyond LinkedIn.

Who Is It for?

  • Business Owners, Sales Managers & Professionals that want to generate qualified leads
  • CEO’s, VP’s & Business Owners that want to connect with motivated investors
  • Freelancers and consultants looking to expand their market reach
  • Marketing Professionals that want to grow their company brand and online community
  • Sales professionals and teams that are struggling to get enough qualified leads month after month.


  • Create magical content that gets links & shares
  • Leverage trending topics but provide original insights
  • Provide original research and insights
  • Authoritative content on new products or developments
  • Understand why content goes viral

What’s Included?

Discovery Meeting

Outline campaign goals

Identify ideal target audience

Market Research

Find and join targeted LinkedIn groups (at least 4)Identify

Identify people/organizations that publish high-quality content that targets the same audience

Understanding what makes their content great

Suggested tools

Engagement Execution

Developing a content agenda

Publishing in LinkedIn

Publishing in Medium

Answering questions related to your market in Quora

Content curation

Group conversations

Personal status updates

Company status updates

Leveraging SlideShare

Engagement tracking

Email Marketing

Using squeeze pages and email marketing.
A squeeze page/form is a page/form that asks readers to provide their email in exchange of a report/coupon/subscription to a newsletter, etc. Those emails are captured by email marketing platforms that allow to send mass emails (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.).

Using content upgrades

Meetings / Training / Support

Includes 8 hours per month. Additional work is reviewing and analyzing the work that was done (typically around 2 hours).

Meetings and training are delivered online. We can make arrangements to do in-person meetings as appropriate.

Ideally, the Engagement Package will be done after the Prospecting Package has been executed. Prospecting, though, should continue to have a permanent flow of new leads.


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