How to Go Viral on LinkedIn and How to Capitalize It

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In the last few months, there has been a lot of activity around LinkedIn. There is much more engagement there than in the past.

However, in order to have a real engagement with lots of views, likes, and shares, LinkedIn seems to favor posts with no images and no links. People such as Josh Fechter, Gilles De Clerck, Manu Goswami, Justin Wu, and Hailey Friedman have been experimenting to discover the right approach.

Hailey just posted an article on How to go Viral on LinkedIn based on what she and others learned. Following her recommendations, it’s possible to get more than one million views for your posts. Not too shabby if you ask me:)

You may be thinking, how having tons of views, likes and comments can help me?

First, the views mean that you get a ton of people reading what you have to say. Thus, you will be building your personal brand.

The likes and comments mean people are engaging with you. That’s important because that allows you to create two-way communications with your audience. Furthermore, people tend to read posts that have a lot of comments. Thus, the more comments you get the more views you will have.

However, you can take that one step further. If you are into B2B, you probably know that I believe a cost effective channel to get leads is by cold emailing your potential customers. But even though cold email is very cost effective, and when doing right it can get you a lot of additional business, there is even a better approach. Keep reading

A better approach is to cold email prospects that have already engaged with you somehow. So, people that like or comment on your posts already know about you, so they will be more willing to open, read and pay attention to your emails.

Hence, instead of emailing people based on how you engage with them, email them based on how they engage with you.

Most people email other people saying things such as “I read you blog post about xyz and blah blah..” Instead, try something like “your comment on my article is right on point. Do you…”

This is better because they already know you and they know what you are talking about. They already expressed, via a comment or a like on your post, that they agree with you and they like what you’ve said.

So, that cold email is not cold anymore. It’s actually a warm email. Josh Fechter wrote more about this in his Facebook Group BAMF.

The problem now is how to get the list of people that liked or commented on your posts without having to get them into a list manually.

Don’t worry I have you covered. Well, actually Gilles De Clerck solved that problem for us.

He recently published two documents: How To Extract LinkedIn Commenters (DIY Edition) and How To Extract LinkedIn Likers (DIY Edition).

You, then, can try to connect with those people on LinkedIn, or you can try to find their email addresses (if you are not already connected to them) and start emailing them. I have written before how to find emails from people. Just make sure that you mention their interactions with your posts, so they will recall who you are.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Please comment.

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