How to get the emails from people that attended your talk

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I learned this hack from Vin Clancy (Vincent Dignan). He gave 100+ talks about growth hacking in the USA during 2016. I went to the one he did in Boston (I think in November).

Vin is very energetic and his presentation was packed with useful content delivered at high speed. Besides the great content, Vin has a unique presentation style that is quite entertaining.

Instead of providing an URL for people to go and download the slides, he told the audience to email him (and he included his email in the slides) to get the slides. I did ask him for his slides, and I am sure thousands of others did as well.

I guess you may be thinking:

“Well, he could give the URL and ask people to provide their email address to get the link and get the email into a database automatically.

That’s true, but by asking people to send the email, he implemented a low tech solution without the need to create a squeeze page and to set up an auto-responder (via an email marketing service, such as MailChimp) at front.

After his American tour he created his Facebook Group: Traffic and Copy and he invited me to join.

Last week, Vin gave a talk at the Event Marketing Virtual Summit, an online event with tons of presentations. His talk was about How to Go From 0 to 5,000 members in 90 days: Facebook Groups are the Future of Community. Again, he asked people to send him an email asking for the slides.

Another advantage is that with different downloads, the setup of the email marketing platform gets more complicated. With this approach, he doesn’t have to spend much time setting up systems. He can then ask an assistant to copy all the emails into a spreadsheet, including the event/talk, the date, and the location (or online), which then can be uploaded to his email marketing platform. Or he can automate the process of getting the emails from Gmail with tools such as Mailbox Labs, Gmail Extractor or by using Zapier

Then, when he responds to the email, besides providing the link for the slides, he has the opportunity to promote something else.

At the end of the day, Vin is growing his list with each presentation he delivers.

Hence, if you are giving talks, in-person or online, this is a very simple hack to replicate.

Have you done something similar? Please comment.

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