With ManyChat you can use the Messenger Ref URL to include links in your content (articles, emails,etc.) to send your audience to start a flow (chatbot) in Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Ref URLs are great to help you send traffic to specific flows.

In September 2018, ManyChat finally allowed to pass a URL Parameter to the Messenger Ref URL.

Unfortunately, Messenger Ref URL can pass only one parameter. However, in most cases, you may want to pass several parameters at once.

There are different ways to send a long string that split several values (parameters).

In the video below, I am showing how to pass the long string to Google Sheets to do the splitting and get back the individual values that you want.

To try it yourself. copy the link below, remove the space after https://m. and replace yourEemail, companyName and yourIndustry

https://m. me/Baloka?ref=RefURLTest–yourEemail-companyName-yourIndustry

And, now we can create new rows or get back data from a row in Google Sheets directly, without the need to use Zapier or Integromat.

This opens tons of opportunities to do very cool things. I will post more videos soon with some other hacks.

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