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Creating great content that people would love is hard.

You know you have to do it. Yes, you have to do it. But since it takes time to craft a great piece, you should also curate content to nurture your followers.

To do that you can:

  1. Look for good articles in your niche
  2. Make an intelligent comment about it
  3. Provide a link to the article.

But if you do that just like that, you will not be able to get much out of it.

So, let’s improve the process a little bit.

Look for good articles in your niche

You can read many blogs and other sources to find great content, but that may take too much time. You can also Google for content, but you will have to know what you are looking for. 

The question, then, is people going to engage with that content?

Using tools like Buzzsumo and Epicbeat you can find popular content in any niche.

So, let’s find out interesting content about Messenger chatbots. BTW, I decided to use chatbots because Baloka is now offering services developing Messenger chatbots for marketing.
In Epibeat, I search for Messenger chatbots for the last 30 days and I get:

Epicbeat Search

As you can see on the left side there are some filters to select for content published in last year, month, week, etc.; the type of content and it’s format and a few other things.

By clicking on the box of an article, you can see a preview on the right.

If you find that interesting for your audience and you see it has good traction (good engagement, shares, etc.) you can open the content in another tab and explore closer.

Once you find a piece that is worth it to share, write a little summary (this is the curation part) and continue to the next step.

Make sure your summary is appealing, so your target users will be more inclined to click on the link and read it.


Curate the content

As an example, I selected the article Facebook Chatbot: A Low-Budget Lead Gen Tool, which has a decent engagement and seems to be covering the reasons a business may want to use them to get leads.

So, I would say something such as:

In this post Andrew Demeter describes some steps to create a Messenger chatbot to generate leads. This is a tehnique that is gaining a lot of traction and companies implemeting it are having great results compared to other alternatives. This is a relatively new medium, so early adopters are probading new experiences to users and that novelty produces great results.

Provide a link to the article

Well. Instead of providing the link directly to the article, I recommend doing two things.

Create a retargeting link

Wait. What?

A retargetting link is a link to a URL that allows you to retarget people that visit the site via your link. Thus, you can later retarget them on social networks. Retargeting ads are a form of online targeting advertising and are served to people who have already visited your website or are a contact in your database (like a lead or customer). But with a retargeting link, you can point people to a website you don’t control.

The idea is that you can show an ad related to the content a person has consumed. Your ad should be related to that kind of content. So, for instance, since I am now going to start promoting my services creating Messenger chatbots for companies, I can point them to content related to Messenger chatbots. And if they consume it, I will retarget them on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter, so I can further engage them in their customer journey or funnel.

The customer journey will look like:

I use PixelMe to do retargeting links. It allows creating retargeting pixels for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

So, in the example article, instead of providing a link to, I create the retargeting link

OK. That’s nice. You now can show ads (on social media sites) to people who are reading articles you share, However, you can do better.
Just keep reading…

Add a call-to-action to the links you share

There are many tools to do this. Those tools put the content of the URL you share inside an iFrame and put a CTA (Call to Action) of your choice on top of it.

Probably the most well-known tool for that is Sniply. It has a free plan, but with limited functionality. Their paying plans are more expensive than other similar tools.

Some of the alternatives are:

CliClap, which is free for now (they are still in beta), includes the possibility to do the retargeting as well, so you will need only one tool. In addition, it allows you to add UTM tags. The only thing I personally don’t link is the way it displays the CTAs. It has only two options, and both are a bar on the bottom of the screen.

Poplink, has also a free option and a premium option, which is as expensive as the Sniply Pro plan. This is the one I use, but below I will show you how to get EpicBeat PlusPixelMe and Poplink and many more tools for a fraction of the cost.

Now for this to work I have to create the retargeting pixel with PixelMe first and then put that link in Poplink. If you reverse the order it will not work.

You then select a promotion (CTA) or create a new one.

For this example, I will go with the second to try to capture the email of the visitor.

Now, when a person clicks on the link, she will see the original article with a CTA from me (in this case), plus I can retarget them as well. Cool, isn’t it?

And this is what they will see at (see that if from Yes, you can add your own subdomains…

However, this kind of tools (Poplink, Snaply, etc), only works with sites that allow their pages to be embedded in iFrames. Hence, you cannot do that with posts on Medium and some others. You can, however, produce a retargeting link for any post in any site.

Now the workflow looks more like:

If you decide this is an interesting way to keep your audience engaged and to get new leads (or at least followers), you will need to buy these tools. Thier cost per month (according to their respective sites) are:

Epicbeat:  $49/Month
Poplink Pro –  $79/Month
PixelMe Pro – $29/Month
Total: $157/Month

But remember that I told you can get those 3 applications for just a fraction of the cost. Indeed. Appsumo recently launched Briefcase, a curated subscription bundle of premium business software for just $49/Month.

Briefcase includes Epibeat, Poplink and PixelMe along with other 30+ applications for Sales and Business Development, Marketing and Blogging, Design and Product, and Admin and Accounting.

By the way, Briefcase offers a trial for the whole thing. Crazy, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: I get a small commission when you buy from this link. However, I really think this is the best deal to acquire marketing automation-related apps for your business. It’s like paying less than $1.50/month per application.


Curating content is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your audience engaged. By curating content the right way you can be able to get new subscribers and retarget your followers, via custom audience ads, in social media.

  1. Find content related to your offerings that have already traction. To do that use tools such as Buzzsumo and Epicbeat.
  2. Write a compelling summary of the article.
  3. Create a retargeting link to that content using PixelMe.
  4. Create a link from the previous one that allows embedding your CTA using Poplink.

That’s it. Let me know how that works for you.

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