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Advanced Prospecting and Lead Generation Using Linkedin

Learn how to have a consistent pipeline of potential customers using a systematic process to get targeted leads.

Valuable information to potentially get your business prospects/leads.

- Gary Hayes

Great course, I absolutely recommend it! Thank you, Gilbert.

- Monica

Create Web Apps with Meteor & React

Learn how to create real-time applications using only JavaScript by creating a full polling app

The instructor employs appropriate pedagogical techniques and covers many aspects to include beginners and intermediate users in the world of meteor with react.

- Julio Cruz

Excellent Course, learning how react integrates with a framework like Meteor is a very good subject to tackle and the instructor Gilbert tackles it very well

- Martin Byrne

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Two Growth Hacks to Use in Your Next Talk

Do you give talks at meetups or seminars? Then, there two easy growth hacks that you should implement. Last month I gave a talk at CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) at Kendall Square (next to MIT) about How to exploit LinkedIn to systematically generate prospects and...

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