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Positioning for Success Package


This is a coaching program. I will guide you to do the work, and then I will review with you the results and provide feedback to improve the process.

The Positioning for Success package will help you:

  • Getting a comprehensive picture of your mission, making sure your company has full clarity on the why, how and what it does for its customers.
  • Identifying the characteristics of your ideal customer(s), using buyer personas.
  • Optimizing your profile, so you can be easily found on LinkedIn as you can attract more of your ideal clients.

Who Is It for?

  • Business Owners, Sales Managers & Professionals that want to generate qualified leads
  • CEO’s, VP’s & Business Owners that want to connect with motivated investors
  • Freelancers and consultants looking to expand their market reach
  • Marketing Professionals that want to grow their company brand and online community
  • Sales professionals and teams that are struggling to get enough qualified leads month after month.


  • Position yourself and your company for success.
  • I will help with refining your value proposition, you user persona(s) and your customer journey(s).

What’s Included?

Discovery Meeting

Understanding your business

Who is your typical customer

Profile Optimization

Personal profile optimization

Company profile optimization


Why, How, What – Is your mission clear and appropriate

Identifying your user persona(s) (your ideal target customer)

Understanding your customer journey

Meetings / Training / Support

Includes 4 hours for one person. For each additional person, it includes around 2 additional hours per person.

Meetings and training are delivered online. We can make arrangements to do in-person meetings as appropriate.


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