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Prospecting Package


This is a coaching program. I will guide you to do the work, and then I will review with you the results and provide feedback to improve the process.

The Prospecting package will help you getting a consistent flow of potential customers using a systematic process to get targeted leads.

Do you suffer from a lack of consistent leads that’s stopping you from scaling your business? It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to break $2,000 or $100,000 a month revenue or more.

This is THE coaching program that you want to join if you need to dominate the B2B side of your business…

The Prospecting Package coaching helps you to get qualified business leads better, faster and easier than anything else.
Faster than Facebook Ads
Faster than networking
Faster than client referrals

A continuous sales pipeline is imperative for the subsistence of any business. Prospecting is hard and salespeople and others in charge of selling B2B products or services probably have neither the knowledge and/or the time to experiment with different potential approaches, methodologies, and tools to get better results.

Who Is It for?

  • Business Owners, Sales Managers & Professionals that want to generate qualified leads
  • CEO’s, VP’s & Business Owners that want to connect with motivated investors
  • Freelancers and consultants looking to expand their market reach
  • Marketing Professionals that want to grow their company brand and online community
  • Sales professionals and teams that are struggling to get enough qualified leads month after month.


  • Find the ideal prospects and how to use the tools to organize the leads.
  • Write personalized cold email sequences that can be delivered at scale.
  • Create a culture of experimentation, by using A/B tests and other optimization methods. For example, when is the best time to send emails.
  • Convert cold leads into warm prospects and into clients.

What’s Included?

Discovery Meeting

Understanding your business (this is not necessary if you have previously acquired the Positioning for Success Package)

Defining your goals – how many leads do you need to work at capacity (now)

Who is your typical customer (this is not necessary if you have previously acquired the Positioning for Success Package).

Competitive Analysis

Identifying your competitors

How they operate – your business model vs their business model

Can we “steal” their customers?

Unique Value Proposition

Suggested tools

Calculating Your Customer Lifetime Value – CLV

Lead Generation

Identifying leads that satisfy your criteria for ideal buyer persona

Targeted profile viewing

Capture prospects info (in CSV)

Finding emails

Suggested tools

Prospecting Execution

Campaign messaging (cold email sequence)

Email messaging tracking and analysis (open rates, reply rates, click tracking – to external resources)

Email messaging A/B tests.

Suggested tools (to handle email sequences, to schedule call/meetings, etc)

Meetings / Training / Support

Includes 8 hours per month. Additional work is reviewing and analyzing the work that was done (typically around 2 hours).

Meetings and training are delivered online. We can make arrangements to do in-person meetings as appropriate.


Prices cover working with 1 or 2 people. For more than 2 people add $500 per person per month.

Other expenses:

Some of the recommended tools have a monthly fee not included in the coaching program. The monthly cost for these tools that can range typically between $100 and $200 per person.

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