Two Growth Hacks to Use in Your Next Talk

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Do you give talks at meetups or seminars?

Then, there two easy growth hacks that you should implement.

Last month I gave a talk at CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) at Kendall Square (next to MIT) about How to exploit LinkedIn to systematically generate prospects and quality leads.

62 people showed up for the talk.

[Growth Hack 1]

At the beginning and at the end of the talk I asked people to email me if they wanted to get the slides. I included my email address in the first and last slides.

I knew, Chris, the organizer, collected the emails of all the participants. So why asking people to email me instead of emailing them the deck after the talk.

Well. A couple of reasons.

First, when they email you after your talk, you force them to take action, and you know who was really interested in what you are presenting.

And second, in many cases they provide some feedback and ask you for more info or how to pick your brain, or even to inquire about hiring your services or buying your product.

This hack can be used with in-person or online talks. I wrote more about it here. I learned this tactic from Vin Clancy. Thanks, Vin:)

A little more than half of the people that came to my talk sent me an email asking for the slides.

Here is some of the feedback I received (via email):

“Thank you very much for the excellent presentation.”

“I loved your enthusiasm for the information you shared. It was inspiring!”

“I enjoyed your presentation on LinkedIn on Tuesday. Thanks so much for your time and insights. Appreciate it!”

“Thank you for the seminar yesterday. My colleague and I truly learned A LOT.”

I received close to 30 messages like those above. WOW.

So, if I wouldn’t ask for the emails, I probably would send the slides to everyone and receive little to no feedback. Besides the nice things they said about my talk, a few people said they were interested to be notified of my incoming online course on the topic, and about hiring me to consult or coach their team. Powerful!

[Growth Hack 2]

On January 24, I attended THE STARTUP CODE 2017 @MIT, a marketing conference at, you guessed right, MIT. Each presenter asked participants for a video testimonial at the end of their talks in exchange for half an hour or an hour of consulting 1 to 1.

I always pay attention of what other people do.

Super easy to implement. So, I copied them:)

You have someone with a phone record the videos for you. You just ask the people interested to introduce themselves (their name, the organization they work for, the usual) and to tell what they liked about the presentation and what they learned. A 30 seconds video. That’s it.

So, probably you get a few video testimonials to include on your site, which should be more useful than text testimonials. Your(web) visitors can see that real people from real companies are the ones giving the testimonials. You get the

But the real power of this hack is not in getting the testimonials. NO. There is more.

Are you ready?

OK. After the talk, you contact the people that gave you testimonials to set up the consulting session. Then, during your 1 to 1 (or 1 with their team), you should answer all their questions the best that you can.

It’s all about providing as much value as possible.

And guess what?

Chances are that they will be interested in hiring you to do more consulting. If you know your stuff, the will see the value that you provide.

In my case, three people gave me testimonials. I have delivered the free consulting to two of them and both asked me for information about my consulting fees and plans. Next week I have the other free session.

But I made a mistake.

My talk was scheduled for two hours, and I spent almost the full 2 hours presenting. I didn’t allow some extra time for people interested in making the testimonials or talk with me after the talk. Most people had to go right away because they had some other commitments.

So, allow some time allocated for your talk for the recordings of the testimonials and to chat with people that have additional questions.


You can implement these two hacks with no cost and a little effort, and you should get some incredible results:

  1. Ask people to send you an email if they are interested in getting your slide deck. This one works even for online presentations.
  2. Ask people for a video testimonial, on the spot, in exchange for a half hour 1 to 1 consulting with you.

BTW, do you want to get the slides from my talk How to exploit LinkedIn to systematically generate prospects and quality leads?

Type yes in the comments. That’s it.

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